Gianfranco de Nicolo – CEO & Founder

Founder of the company, after assessing the market he was seeking investors to help bring the idea of the MAWIP platform to life, with tangible products aimed at helping woodwind multi-instrumentalists in transitioning effortlessly between instruments, featuring a universal fingering.

He met two friends and former colleagues who shared his belief in this vision, and together they co-founded Mawip Srl, of which he currently serves as the Sole Administrator. In addition to the idea, he brought managerial, marketing, electronics/IT, and musical expertise as a trained bassoonist.

Massimo Castelli – Co-founder & financial shareholder

Max started his career 40 yrs ago as a young engineer in a technology company, Olivetti, with the other two current Mawip shareolders as his bosses! Since then, he grew in the telecommunication and Internet sector, up to a C-level executive position in the main telco italian player TIM, through marketing, strategy and financial roles.

He also started exploiting his techy expertise as an active startup investor, which today, after 10 years, is his major professional activity.

What a great opportunity for Max putting his expertise on hand of my old boss’ great idea, having each of them crossed the 60s line but still planning for future!

Massimo Pezzini – Co-Founder & financial shareholder

Massimo Pezzini is an independent IT strategy advisor.

Previously he spent 25 years as an IT industry analyst with Gartner Inc., the most important IT research and advisory firm, worldwide. In this capacity he supported some of the most prestigious global organizations in banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, travel & transportation and government.

Before joining Gartner, he held various positions in the Olivetti group in marketing, consulting, customer support and software applications development.

Mr. Pezzini has a degree in Physics from the University of Milan.