An extraordinary opportunity is coming to playing the wind instruments easier!

Simple playing

Simply incredible playing the basson using the recorder fingering!

The bassoon’s original sound!

The instrument retains its own natural timbre

In a short time, you will be able to play the bassoon!

Just practice the mouthing, control the breathing and it’s it!

A new way to conceive wind instruments.

Discover Mawip and densoon.


Mechatronically Assisted Wind Instrument Platform

What this wind instruments innovative platform is, the enabling technology for the densoon

What the densoon is, how came the idea and how to play it

The creators: a basson player, electronic nut and an IT career, and a clarinet player, biotechnology degreed and software developer, together to extraordinary additional specialists


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You simply blow into it, and it’s not just a joke: the densoon remains a real wind instrument!!
If you don’t know it, it’s best to train with the double reed embouchure first!
Shows you how the fabulous professor of the bassoon class at the Milan conservatory, Leonardo Dosso!

(Some example videos coming soon!)

Then, everything depends on precisely following the tablature of the positions: have you seen that they are identical to that of the recorder you played in primary school?!
Now: a little practice and…

would you like to send us a video of you playing the densoon? We would be delighted to share it in our news!

Definitely not! The densoon is a bassoon, as a wind instrument: mouthing, timbre and extension; its 3 and a half octaves are quite the same!

Controlled by three octave selectors, in the same positions where the recorder octave hole is: actioned by the left hand thumb.

Anyone who wants it!

You don’t have to be particularly tall, or short, or thin, or fat, or strong, or weak, for a densoon. You just have to have a great will to play it!


Cooming soon…

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